Prototype built for the Shenanijam 2019!

(NOTE: Web Version is for convenience but download is more stable)


  • Cursemas Eve (Every monster's favorite holiday!)
  • Wrench 101 (Throw card-summoned wrenches to explode traps into existence)


It's Cursemas Eve and to celebrate the monster duo are celebrating with their favorite Cursemas Eve activity... Slaying Victims at the Vampire Lair!

Collect cards off your fallen victims' bodies to lay more traps to fell even more victims!


  • 1/2/3 or Click Cards - Select the trap card to place
    • NOTE: Red is for Vampire, Grey is for Ghost (they will have a wrench)
  • WASD or Arrows - Control selected monster
  • Right Click - Vampire Attack / Ghost Invisibility
  • Left Click - Move current monster to that location
  • Space - Throw your wrench if available
  • Tab - Toggle Playable Character
  • Q - Toggle Zoom
  • F11 - Fullscreen
  • Escape - Open Menu
  • JUST FOR FUN: Backspace - Spawn new victim


I had ideas for multiple types of enemies and traps as well as tweaking the AI to be better than just predictably wandering. Of course it's a game jam so not everything made it. I went for a full loop prototype of my idea so there is no win or lose condition as of now.

Technical Stuff

Written in Go using Ebiten by Hajime Hoshi


Characters and wrench by me

Tileset, traps, and cards all through Stealthix


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The Vampire's Lair - Jam Submission 13 MB
The Vampire's Lair Update 13 MB
The Vampire Lair macOS 14 MB


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this game is weirdly entertaining



I'm working on an update to give you a little bit more to do. It should be out in the next couple months.