You play the @ sign and must battle all 26 letters of the English Alphabet.

You use "ink" to shoot, but you are also made of ink so every shot must count or you will erase yourself! Pick up the fallen enemies weapons to refill your ink supply.

There is no health as you must determine how much you have left by how transparent your character is. At full health you are a BOLD font and slowly fade from there.


WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim and Shoot

Q/E - Zoom In / Zoom Out

The game was written entirely in Go and uses the Ebiten game library:

This is a very early proto-type game made in basically one night while my kids slept for the GMTK Game Jam! The enemies do not move, which I planned to implement, but since I didn't get around to refining the controls it really just ended up working better so you can aim. I want to keep developing on this idea and make actual levels (not just a big blank world), competent AI opponents, some actual graphics (bullets and such), and sounds.

I was just happy to get a working prototype done in time for the jam, hope you at least get a little amusement!


Text @ttack - Original Jam Entry 9 MB
Text @ttack - Updated 9 MB
Text @ttack - Linux 12 MB

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