Three game modes are available as well as online mulitplayer play.

Solo Game: 

Limited bombs available to destroy 3 monsters placed by the cunning Nure-Onna with two difficulty settings changing the number of bombs you are given. If you run out of bombs or time then the Nure-Onna gets a lovely snack!

  • Easy Mode: 24 bombs
  • Hard Mode: 15 bombs

Timed Attack: 

Same as the Solo game mode except you only have 30 seconds to find all monsters!

Monster Battle:

Place 4 monsters of various sizes on a grid based board and try to destroy your opponent's monsters before they destroy yours. Choose between 3 different characters and battle against the Nure-Onna!

Multiplayer (not available in web version yet):

Opponents face off against each other in a game of Monster Battle. Pick between 4 characters including the Nure-Onna herself! 

Games can be played either via direct IP connections or by connecting to a server (download available below).

 Note: This may require the hosting player to open port forwarding for their router using the chosen port number (port 5555 is default). 

Additional Info:

This game was written in the Go programming language using this library: Ebiten by Hajime Hoshi. Source code is available on my Github page. Please let me know if there are any issues you experience! :)


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Windows 4 MB
Mac 4 MB
Linux 4 MB
Windows Server 3 MB
Linux Server 3 MB


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Fun game to play with, and even support  the networking !! 

Thank your for the game !

Thank you for using Ebiten for your awesome game!

Thank you for making such an awesome game library! It's been a pleasure working with it!