Play as a snake trying to eat as many baby birds before you either starve to death or the Momma Vulture gets you.

Created for the TV Game Jam


  • W/Up : Move in direction facing
  • A/Left, D/Right : Turn respective direction
  • Space : Attack/Eat
  • Shift: Dash
  • F11: FullScreen

Your hunger meter will deplete as you move the snake about. Once it reaches zero you will lose a section of the snake to "hunger". Eat baby birdies to refill your hunger and return a segment to the snake. If eggs are eaten they will refill hunger but not add a snake segment.

The Momma Vulture is not too happy about you eating her babies. If she lands on the snake you lose that segment plus all connecting behind it! Dash to dodge as best you can

Written in Go and powered by Ebiten

NOTE: Runs better as a downloadable game


Catch The Birdies Windows 17 MB
Catch The Birdies macOS 18 MB

Install instructions

Download and extra zip file. Click the executable and you are on your way!


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I player a lot of match. the idea of snake and the bird it's really cool! good job!